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The truth of my family

I never liked that Nani girl in the first place.My gut always told me that she is two timing.
I went back to work.Today was not really full.
Boss walked in with his body guards and I didn’t even pay that much attention to him.
Boss: Les in my office now please..
I followed him.His princess was still I his office.
Boss: I see you are a hard worker.So I want to promote you.If you do me a favour though.Its nothing big.
My phone rang and it was Rudzi.I answered..She was sniffing and that rang a bell that she was crying.
Me: Hello
Rudzi: Boss was here.He threatened me.He said I should leave you for his daughter.
Me: Okay..Im in a meeting now with my boss.Can I call you back later on.
Rudzi: You are with him?
Me: Yes.
Rudzi: Am I on loud speaker?
Me: Of cause not.
Rudzi: Okay.We will talk when you get back.
Me: Urrrh boss I believe I just got here and it would be unfair to be promoted while Peter was here before me but still at the same level.I believe in fairness so promote him first.
I see what he is doing. I have a feeling that whatever favour I had to do for him had something to do with his daughter.
Boss: I believe I am the boss and i do as I please.If i want to promote you then I want to.Peter’s turn will come.
Me: I love working as a barman so I will have to decline before you can offer Sir.Can i now get back to work?
He chuckled
Boss: You may go
I walked out without even looking back.That man is very self centered and I don’t know if I should say stupid.He goes to my house and threaten my lady just because his daughter of a hoe wants me.Surely he doesn’t know me.It didn’t even take my father’s blacklist to me to do what he wanted me to do.So what gives him the impression that I will date his daughter.I was no longer in a mood to work.I went back up to his office. He was hugging his daughter who was crying.
Me: Sorry to disturb.Im not feeling well so can I take the rest of the night off?
He looked at me for a while and I maintained a straight face.
Boss: Sure.
I went and took my backpack and left immediately.
Rudzi was watching tv.
When she saw me she stood up and came to hug me..
Me: What did he say? Did he hurt you?
She  shook her head.

The moment he walked in i felt very safe..
Me: He threatened me Les.He said if I don’t leave you something bad will happen.
Les: He won’t do anything don’t worry.Im here for you
Me: But we are not sure about that Les.He sounded and seem serious.
Les: I will deal with him don’t worry.
Me:Maybe I should move out.I will convince Nani to talk to her  mom
Les: Don’t even dare.Babe you are not going anywhere…I rather quit working for him and as for that Nani friend of yours how do we know that she is not the one selling you out? I’m not taking any chances,you are not going anywhere.
Me: Why do you hate Nani so much? She is my friend.
Les: Because she is two faced.She is not a  good friend to keep.
Me: Stop please.Nani is my friend.
He took his phone and did something then gave it to me.It was a video.I went through it.
Les: That’s the person you call a friend.
I couldn’t help it.I cried.Nani was the only person who understood my situation.She was always there for me.What I have just seen is a proof that never  trust anyone not even yourself.She did all this for money.She had a job and I didn’t.How could she envy me when I have nothing at all.Atleast she still has a home.But I don’t have that.If we wake up one day and Les decides to break up with me then I will be homeless.With Boss also at our back im not even sure that we will last..What kind of a life is this?
Les: I will always be here for you believe me.All I want is what is good for you babe.
If my family failed me then how can a stranger be able to be good to me?

I felt like I was going crazy.Not in this lifetime did I ever think that Sharon will walk away from me.That lady stood with me in times of storms.She was always there even when it was impossible to love me.I don’t even want to mention how many times I cheated on her but she never left.I don’t even know why I keep on hurting her this much.. Her perfume is all over our bedroom and I can just picture her around.I called her a countless times but she kept rejecting my calls..
It’s about time I take it further to look for my twin brother.I can’t keep losing the people I love.I took my phone and called my PI.
Me: Anything for me?
PI: Not yet
Me: I get a feeling that you are being useless to me right now.Find him soon.
How can my things go accordingly when I have abondened my other half to suffer in the hands of this world?
My phone rang..I answered without checking the caller id
Me: What?
Shudu: You hai such rudeness..
Me: What do you want Mashudu?
Shudu: I want you..I have alot of things in mind that I can do to you right now.
Me: Come over.Hurry up.
I hanged up

Dad is starting to be useless.He just failed to get me the guy I want.He always gave me what I wanted.This Lesley guy is also hard headed.But it makes it more interesting for me.I will still get him.
Boss: Would you stop sulking? He is just a poor boy and you are sulking over him.
Me: Daddy it’s not just that.He seems like the loving type.He won’t play with my heart
Boss: He will.That boy looks like he loves his girlfriend and is not willing to sacrifice that.Who refuses a promotion?
I kept quiet
Boss: Well let me tell you.Its a man in love who doesn’t want to sacrifice his love just for money.Some people are not power hungry so he is one of those.
Dad was not being submissive now.Maybe I should remind him who I am.
I went closer to him and grabbed him by the balls.He grasped.
Me: You seem to clearly forget how I can be.Get me him and mom won’t see our s*x video by a mistake.I walked out after that.
When I realised that my father was starting to take note of me being useless on my studies I seduced him.Stupid as he is he fell for my tricks and everything was recorded.The video is my ticket to get everything I want..Even all that he never gave me I will get it..How does he expect me to respect him after what we did.If he dares try to tell mom I will cry and say he  raped me hence I will never give him the video..
Dad: When will this stop Tendani? I am you father
Me: One who slept with me.
Dad: I hope you know what you are doing because this could destroy your mother and this marriage. As for me I will still bounce back in life.I will get a new young wife and we will have kids.Keep telling yourself that you have they upper hand.
With that he walked away..If daddy does that then I’m dead.Who will spoil me? I groaned in frustration.

I seriously have a problem..I cannot be working for those people when they are nothing but manipulators because they have money..Just because we don’t have money doesn’t mean we are stupid and we will agree to whatever they want us to do.What do I do because I need the money.Rudzie and I need the money that much.If I leave my job then what will we depend on? Just when one thinks that life is changing for the better things take a drastic turn.
When I got home I found her sleeping on the couch.She looked like she was troubled even in her sleep.Who would seriously treat an innocent girl like her in  such a cruel way though?
I carried her to the bedroom..
I have only met her recently but deep down I love her.I feel like I have known her all my life…All the pain she feels because of her family is the same pain I feel because of mine.We have met for a purpose..We need each other to get through this.I don’t know when all this will stop but i know that together we will make it..
She opened her eyes and smiled.
Rudzi: Why are you back this time?
Me: I just wanted to be with you.
I took off my clothes and got in bed next to her..
Me: You in my arms feels right.

2 Months later
Me: How did it get to this point? We have nothing to our name Les.How will we feed another mouth because already we are struggling..
Les: Babe we will figure it out..Im still working.
Me: It’s not enough.A child is expensive.
Les: I will work as much to provide.You let me do the worrying because I’m the man okay
Me: Okay.But I will also look for a job to atleast clean or even wash clothes.
Les: In your condition babe I don’t think so.
Me: I’m pregnant not disabled.
Les: I’m still refusing.
I raised my hands up as a form of surrender.
My relationship with Led has been great..He never allowed boss to come between us..Not ones has he judged me.He understood my pain like a best friend would.Not only was he my boyfriend but he was also my friend..Whenever I’m sad I always talk to him.Im the past two months i have learnt alot about him.He even opened up to me about what he went through with his family and how his ex left him for his cousin.Sometimes I wonder if he will go home and fix his relationship with his family.So far our child won’t know his or her grandparents from both parents..
Les: We should go to the clinic tomorrow to make sure that you are really pregnant.we can’t rely on a home test.
Me: If you insist.
Les: I love you.Let me get to work.
Me: Love you too.
I really hate the fact that he is still working late.Its not nice having him come home around early hours of the morning.expecially since it’s weekend.
Les: Quit being sad.I will be home before you know it.
I forced a smile.
Les: That’s more like it.
He perked my lips then left.I went and locked up after he left..I took a shower then went straight to bed but i noticed that Les forgot his phone.Now how will i call him when there is an emergency.HonestlyI don’t feel safe around here when Les is at work,it started two weeks back when I got threatening calls from boss and he was using a private number..Im always shaken whenever thinking about him..
It wasn’t that long when I heard something breaking in the kitchen..I became scared same time.As if it wasn’t enough boss appeared at the door with his goons..I froze at his site.I was scared for my life.
Boss: I have been waiting for this day for as long as I can remember.
He had a grin on his face.
Me: What do you want from me?
Boss: You.I have always wanted you.
Me: You old almost the same age as your daughter.Are you not ashamed?
Boss: I have tasted her pussy aswel so sorry to burst your bubble but I’m not ashamed.
He came to the bed.
Boss: Take off that shirt..NOW!!
I was wearing Les’s oversize shirt
I took it off slowly with tears falling down my cheeks.I was scared for myself and my unborn baby..
He stood up and took off his shirt exposing his big tummy.If this man gets ontop of me he will suffocate me I swear..
He took off his trousers and boxers.I almost laughed at the sight of his manhood..It was erected but small to be an old man’s..
Boss: Undress you bitch
Les: Baby I forgot my pho….What the? What are you doing here? Baby are you okay?
I still had tears on my face..
Les: Get the hell out of my house before I call the police
Boss laughed.
Boss: The police? I own this fucken town.The police are nothing but my puppies.And not done with you yet
He pointed at me.
Les: And what will you do to her? Molestrates her? Oh wait you don’t have the dick to do that..Nigga you ain’t got shit compared to an uncircumcised child.You don’t even fit to be called a man.
Les was angry but calm..
Boss: Boys fuck him up..And you are fired.
The goons started beating Les up.I was screaming at them to stop and they stopped when boss was dressed up.They left.
Les: Niggas beat like women..
He didn’t seem bad at all.He was even laughing.
Me: I was scared..I thought he was gonna rape me.Did you see how big he is.He was gonna suffocate me and the baby.
I was now crying.
Les: Calm down babe I’m here.nothing will happen to you now..

Most people may hate me for the kind of life i live..Sleeping with brothers and their cousin aswel..If ever one was in my shoes they would maybe understand why.Ethan has been looking for Lesley but couldn’t find him because I asked his PA to lie and say he can’t find him..The story behind that you will know sooner.

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