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Life and Its Unexpected Changes

My story isn’t one told with smiles nor laughter. Almost all through my young life i experienced one hardship to another, one bitter lesson to another and one painful event to another. But it never for once changed my personality nor stopped me from pursuing my target. I pray you read my story, learn from my mistakes and enjoy the flow of my narration.

Hmmmmm where do i start??. I guess i have to start from the beginning, the very beginning and all i write here is nothing but the truth.

I was born in a middle class family. My parents were successful traders and i was the eldest among my two siblings, {an annoying but jovial brother and a very quiet sister who was the last born}. We were all born and raised in Enugu state, south east Nigeria. A very happy family we were until the fateful day an evil shadow of death befell us. Yes it was in the month of march 2000. A very noisy sunday it was. Children played outside the compound, cars honked and polluted the streets. My siblings and I anxiously waited for our parents to return from the village they travelled to on friday morning.

Anxiously we waited. It really was the first time they travelled, leaving us behind.

“remember you are now the mother of the house, take care of your siblings” dad advised as they prepared to embark on the life changing journey,

“nne, the food i left in the fridge will be more than enough for you all. Make sure your siblings don’t go hungry, we will be back on sunday morning” Mum also advised while i nodded like an innocent girl i was. I only was thirteen years old, A Jss3 student.


Slowly the clock struck 6:30pm that fateful sunday evening. Mum and Dad were yet to return, i was very uneasy so were my siblings. Tears slowly filled their eyes, mine wasn’t left out.

By 7pm a sharp knock landed on our door. I quickly rushed and opened it, but was shocked to see Uncle Francis standing on the doorway, smiling nervously. I instantly knew something was wrong.

Uncle Francis quickly walked into the sitting room, nervously caressed my head as he stared at my siblings who quickly rushed up to hug him. I really felt uneasy seeing him. He was supposed to be at the village with my parents.

“what’s he doing here?” i wondered fearfully.

“we are leaving for the village early tomorrow. Your parents sent me to fetch you. Go pack your things. Tomorrow we will be heading to the village” he said quietly, drawing curious stares from us with the statement.

“i hope all is well?. I don’t understand. We have school to attend tomorrow, and we have never missed classes not for a day” i asked suspiciously. My siblings nodded in approval.

“yes everything is fine. Just go and boil water for me. I need to take a hot bath” he answered with a smile, lifted up my little sister and settled on a chair, avoiding my prying eyes. I knew something was  terribly wrong but i simply obeyed and left for the kitchen.

I had a hard time sleeping that night. My siblings kept asking me questions almost all through the night, while i calmly played down their fears even though i was almost dead with worry.

“do you think mum and Dad are okay?”, “did uncle Francis tell you anything else?” they asked curiously. Their little innocent eyes searching hopefully for a good answer that never came. My mind never rested till the next day when we all headed to our hometown in Ekwulobia Anambra state.

My father was born in a good religious home. He was the overall head and first born of the family. After the death of his parents, he inherited his father’s large house, sharing it with uncle Francis {his immediate younger brother who instead of seeking greener pastures outside the little community, preferred staying behind in the village. Thus he lived with his wife popularly called mama Rose and three children in the village, while dad’s youngest brother Uncle Stanley moved to portharcourt. We had no problems with them and they treated us with respect. Little did we know that all the respect they accorded us were just nothing but pretence. Things immediately changed as soon as we got home and discovered our parents dead. We suddenly found ourselves all alone in the world.

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