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Idris the brave warrior

Idris was sliding down so fast he couldn’t stop himself. The path sees to be long and deep. All of a sudden, he felt the place getting hotter by the minute.
“why is the place getting hot” he said as he tried to slow down but he couldn’t.
He was getting to the end of the tunnel and was still sliding fast. At the end of the tunnel stood a pillar not too strong.
The pillar was there to support the path that was choosen by idris.
“this is getting suspicious. The whole place seems hot and i can’t slow down. Jumping towards the end of the tunnel will cowardice because i don’t know what type of danger awaits me.. Its better i use the pillar to my advantage”
idris said.
As he got close to the pillar, he caught it with both hands holding the pillar so tight, he was able to stop.
“haaaa” he breathed and looked down.
“ahhhhhhhhhh” he screamed.
He would have been a roasted piece of meat few seconds ago.
Yes, the giant Lue is not as dump as you may think. He knew that if anyone succeeds in taking his metallic box, he would be dead so he decided and made a bobby trap that will kill the person involved.
The path leading to the volcano was the the right path while the one leading to the island that idris chossed was actually the one that led to the volcano.
“d–n, i didn’t see this coming. I would have known. I didn’t even think before deciding. I just jumped into the path leading to the island not sensing any danger. I didn’t even think it was too good to be true” idris was regretting his actions.
Assuming he didn’t catch the pillar and slowed down his speed, he would have slyde into a molten red hot volcano.
“what am i going to do?” He said still holding the pillar.
They was no way he will go back because the castle has fallen and the path is blocked.
“every problem has a solution. Common idris. Be wise. What have i got?”
he asked himself.
“ok, i have my bow with me, my little dagger in my boot, the immortal knife, a rope and an arrow” he said
“hmmmm” he said as a smile was forming on his lips.
He just had an idea. A sweet dangerous idea.
“danger, thats my word” he said.
He took his rope and tied it at the bottom of the arrow very strongly.
Then he took the arrow, aimed it at the other side of the volcano.
He let go of the arrow. The arrow flew with great speed and got stuck at something on the other side.
He drew the rope and confirmed it to be strong. Then he tied the other end at the pillar that saved his life.
Now, the rope made a straight line above the volcano.
“time to cross over. We live only once. If the rope get cut and i fall down inside this volcano, i shall embrace death with a huge smile”
he said and laughed.
He hung his bow and started climbing.
As brave as a lion, he climbed above the volcano and landed safely at the other side.
He looked round and saw that the arrow he shot early did pierce into a tree located close to the volcano.
He smiled and walked away to his little shelter, the place he normally stays before he was abducted by Lue the giant.
Idris was so happy about his success. He fought with the great serpent and killed it, he also killed a mighty giant that could crush him in minutes. As if that was not enough, he now possess the immortal knife.
“time to go home” he said with a smile.
3 days later.
Idris has created a small boat that could carry him safely to his village. He also made many arrows with the remaining woods.
“hmmm, i hope i didn’t forget anything. I have food, a little torch, my weapon, the immortal knife, enough fruits, water….”
“no, i did not put clean water among these stuff” he said and went in search for water.
“brother, i call you here to discuss about our nephew” adin said concerned.
“you and this nephew of yours. Every time idris idris idris, can’t somebody rest for once” wade said.
“no bro. It has been long since he left.. We haven’t seen him since and the chief priest isn’t helping matters” adin said
“thats because he is dead. Pure, plain and simple, he is dead. Only a fool we embark on a journey. Does he have the strength of Hercules to slay a giant?” wade said.
“he is just a boy and he doesn’t have the strength of a god. He is not Hercules neither is he Zeus thats why we are left with one opinion, he is dead” Adin said shaking his head as a sign of pity for idris.
” you know what, lets start arranging his funeral rites” wade said.
“good idea, which date” adin asked
“let just say when the new moon appears.” wade said.
“now you are coming. I was waiting for you to bring up such a nice idea but you were delaying time” adin said
“hahaha” wade laughed.
“i will meet the village crier to announce to all the villagers that we will commence Idris’s funeral at the rise of the new moon” adin said.
“very good” wade replied.
Idris was sailing home. He looked at the sea.
“this part of the sea was once inhabited by the great serpent. Very good it is dead” he said as he passed by…
As soon as he crossed the part of the sea inhabited by the great serpent, he saw something from afar.
He quickly paddled his canoe and saw that it was a large boat. He moved close and was surprised. The boat has people in it. People like him and they were all men.
“could this be pirates” he thought.
He once heard stories of pirates who were on an adventure to steal the immortal knife but were not able to cross the sea to the island because of the ferocious great serpent.
He didn’t believe it because he thought they were no people out there. He thought his village was the only village in this world. He thought it was a mere story but now, he was about to be proven wrong.
He change the direction of his canoe and was about to go back to the island because he knew the pirates won’t follow him but he was wrong.
They large ships quickly surrounded him.
“don’t move. You are the slayer of the great serpent. We saw the body of the beast washed up to our land and we decided to spy around here. We believe you are with something very precious to us and because of that, you shall be held prisoner. Failure to comply will automatically lead to your death” the captain shouted.
All the men were with arrows, swords or canon. He (idris) knew this was going to be tough. He did the thing he knows how to do best, fight.
Bringing out two arrows silently, he shot at the boat.
“ahhhhh” two men groaned and died. He was surrounded by four ships filled with men but if he was going to die, he will die with someone.
He brought out three arrows
three men died instantly, why haven’t they fired back he thought.
Unknown to him, they were busy loading their canon.
They fired him scattering the canoe into pieces. The impact of the canon was to much for Idris to bear and he passed out.
“bring in the prisoner” shouted the captain

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